Partying with Jamaican Snoop Dog


I was on a 6-hour hike up the coast of Jamaica.

Wearing my backpack and carrying a small umbrella to protect me from periodic downpours, I would occasionally seek out cover from the trees or a building when the rain came down extra hard.

I was on the outskirts of Ocho Rios climbing up a hill to see what I heard were some pretty awesome waterfalls when I met Jamaican Snoop Dog. I had been forced to take refuge under the roof of a very small bar where a few locals were hanging and talking. The welcoming smiles were big all around when I climbed up the stairs to the bar's rain-protected porch.

The conversation between three of the guys continued, but the one who seemed to be the biggest character of the bunch took interest in me. He introduced himself with his no-doubt, self-picked name...Jamaican Snoop Dog. 

No reason to investigate the history of his name. I got it. The porch seemed to be floating in a cloud of unique smelling air. Besides the name, Jamaican Snoop Dog looked how I would imagine a modern-day Pirate might look. You can use your imagination with that one.

Snoop: "Hey, Mon...want to try some good Jamaican weed?"

SA: "Hey...thanks for the offer, but it's not my thing."

Snoop: "You don't like to party, Mon?"

SA: "Sure. There's just different ways to party in life. Know what I mean?"

He studied me and seemed to reflect on my answer.

Snoop: "So you goin' to the Falls?"

SA: "I am. I heard they were pretty great."

Snoop: "Why you walkin', Mon? You still have a couple of miles up the hill. Why not take a ride?"

SA: "Because if I was riding, I would never have met you, Snoop Dog."

He looked at me with happy, smoke-enhanced eyes.

Snoop: "Respect," he said.

SA: "Respect," I said back.

The hard and fast rain came to a slow fifteen minutes later. I said goodbye to my porch of new friends. I gave an extra heartfelt goodbye to a special Jamaican pirate.

SA: "Respect," I said one final time as I walked back into the day looking for my next adventure.

Snoop: "Respect," he said back with an extra big smile.

For me, the greatest life adventures never have entrance fees. 

They just require a willing sense of adventure.

I'll keep walking.

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