A Secret to Making Your Life Remarkable


All day long..."remarkable" exists in your life.

Do you see it?

Earlier today, I looked up and saw an 800,000 pound piece of aluminum metal flying five miles above the ground. It was carrying more than 600 people, and it will do so for thousands of miles without coming down.


At this moment, I am typing this message on a screen...will later push a "send" tab...and within seconds, the same message will show up on another screen across the ocean.


Later today, I will pick up a small device multiple times...push ten numbers on its dial pad...and talk instantly to someone 1,000 miles away.


Throughout today...without even thinking about it...I will take over 23,000 breaths.


The self-healing body. A 300-foot tall redwood. The fresh smell of mountain air. The miracle of birth. Seeing light that left a star four years ago. The inspiration from an awesome book. The volunteer who never misses a shift. Having infinite knowledge at your fingertips. The sun rising each day...every day...for the last 4.5 billion years. 


It's easy to think about all that makes us angry and frustrated. It's easy to focus on all the bad things in our world and lives. It's easy to pay attention to the stressful.

But we could be noticing the remarkable. Because it's there...and it surrounds us in thousands of ways every single day.

Want your life to be remarkable?

Then never stop noticing the remarkable.

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