When Motivation Has Left the Building


For some...waking up motivated is easy.

I'm not in that club.

But although I don't automatically wake up fired up and can't snap my fingers to magically change my motivational mojo, I can still find my motivation.

Every day.

Here's a trick I use.

If the thought of exercising, for example, sounds like the worst idea in the world, then I don't focus on having to get my tired butt up and going to exercise. That's often TOO overwhelming, and it's TOO easy to bail on the idea altogether. 

Instead, I work on creating a "Behavior String."

1. JUST get up off the couch. That's all.

2. JUST put on your exercise clothes. That's all.

3. JUST fill up a water bottle to take. That's all.

4. JUST put on your sneakers. That's all.

5. JUST go outside and breathe. That's all.

6. JUST walk to the tree down the road. That's all.

7. JUST jog for three minutes. That's all.

8. JUST jog around the block. That's all.

9. JUST get to the top of the hill. That's all.

10. JUST...you get the idea. That's all.

Each "JUST" step is part of the "Behavior String" that accomplishes a BIGGER goal when added together. Always can I JUST do the "JUST." Honestly, I don't even create the NEXT behavior in the string until I finish the one planted in my brain...now.

That's how I get "it" done when I don't feel like getting "it" done. 

Lose your motivation?

Focus on your "Behavior String"...and energy, motion, progress and motivation will begin to inch forward and build.

When you don't want to...you still can.

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