It's Time to Walk Mine


On June 7, I fly to London. 

In the 28 days that follow... I will walk across England. 

And then Ireland. 

It's super easy to give advice to others. It's much harder to live our own words. If I write and speak about "going the extra mile," I sure in the heck better know what it means to live the message. If I encourage others to boldly walk outside of their comfort zones in order to live the best version of themselves, I'd better not have built a permanent hammock inside my own comfort zone.

So here I go. 


500+ miles.

With backpack.

In sneakers.

I will be carrying my maps...and lots and lots of foot care. Oh...and rain gear. I read that it rains 240 days a year in Ireland. Some days, I may only make it 12 miles. The next, I may go 25. At about 2:00 every day, I will pull out my map, and gauge the distance I still need to walk to find a town with a bed. Each day, I will go as far as my feet and the day take me.

That's the plan.

As June 7 draws near, a part of my brain is sending red-alert, freak-out mode thoughts regarding the challenge ahead. But the wiser part of my brain is 100% aware that I have overcome enough monster-size challenges in my life to know that I CAN do this. (This will be my 6th and 7th country I have either walked...or pedaled...across.)

So with 13 days to go before day #1, I welcome the opportunity to "walk the talk" and earn my extra-mile stripes once again. I know that when I finish walking the last 100 yards of my very last mile, I will have seen some amazing sites, met some new friends, overcome some "wow!" challenges...and most of all...been true to living my words.

Whatever your talk is in life...walk it.

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