Don't Forget This Person...


This is not going to be one of those pre-Christmas newsletters about giving and gratitude.

Instead, this is going to be about YOU.

And your "Game." 

There are 1,000 reminders right now about counting blessings and the sort, and it is not my intention to minimize any of those messages. It is my intent, however, to remind you (and me) just how darn lucky we are to each have the awesome privilege of playing the "Game (of Life)."

And as you go about playing the character you have chosen in YOUR version of the Game, I'd like to ask...

How is your Game going? 

Coming soon is that annual big-calendar-day moment...January 1st...where we have a chance to change what we don't like about how our Game is going. It's an opportunity to tweak the rules that will allow us to potentially love our Game more.

As you consider what you can do to bring a whole lot more adventure and coolness to your Game in the new year, remember there are two very important rule tweaks you can consistently make to catapult what "WOW!" levels you can eventually reach:

1. Change what you think.

2. Change what you do.

All of the best Game prizes are magically found when we do.

As we take that final short lap heading toward 2017, remember we get only one shot at playing the Game. 

Play yours hard.

Play it well.

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